Server Rules

General Rules

1. Cheating:
One way ticket to get your name on The Banlist

2. Griefing:
Any form of intentionally disrupting gameplay; building teleports to glitch players, bonking in front of spawn, etc Consequence: Kick/Temp Ban/Permanent ban

3. Spamming:
Spamming text/mic ingame during a round is not permitted. Keep HLDJ and all sounds to a reasonable length and sound only during round end/warmup. Consequence: Mute/Gag, Permanent Mute/Gag

4. Exploits:
Exploiting specific bugs introduced through patches are forbidden. For example; Ability to build multiple sentries. Consequence: Kick/Temp Ban

5. Language/Racism/Sexism:
Keep the language to a minimum. Directly attacking a player/admin or excessively going off with slang will get you in hot water. Consequence: Mute/Gag and/or Kick/Ban

6. Sprays:
Highly sensitive material is at admin discretion. Consequence: Banned from the ability to use sprays.

7. Use Common Sense


Arena 2Fort Specific Rules:

1. No Capping

Do not cap the point.  This is a last man standing server. Consequence: Kick/Temp Ban/Permanent ban


Trade Server Specific Rules:

1. Pool:

The pool is a safe zone. No attacking from the pool zone. Consequence: Kick/Temp Ban/Permanent ban

2. No pool rushing
3. No blocking the pool
4. Players with annoying/enraging voices may be muted without notice
5. No spamming
6. There is a 3 strike system in place: #1 Slay, #2 Kick, #3 Ban
7. Unsupervised children under the age of 17 will be allowed at the discretion of the staff.