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Benefits to Donating - Get Mine Craft Perks

Please select a donation value based on the perk's you would like to receive. Donation perks last FOREVER,

All ranks get access to the commands that ranks below them have!
eg. Executive has all the commands from VIP, Premium, Supporter and Executive!


* Perks are subject to change
* Abuse of perks could result in loss of rank. Eg. using /jump to attack people
* To undisguise from the /d (Disguise) command, type /u






Wear a Lapis Block as a hat with /hat
Turn into a chicken with /d chicken
Accept Teleport requests with /tpa
Open a chest anywhere with /chest
Set (1) multiple homes with /sethome



Incl. VIP Benefits

Wear a Iron Block as a hat with /hat
Turn into a pig with /d Pig
Set (2) multiple homes with /sethome
*No Falling Damage*



Incl. VIP & Premium Benefits

Wear a Gold Hat with /hat
Turn into a sheep with /d Sheep
Warp back to your death location with /back
Set (3) multiple homes with /sethome
*No Drowning Damage*



Incl. VIP, Premium & Supporter Benefits

Wear a Leaf Hat with /hat
Turn into a cow with /d Cow
Set (5) multiple homes with /sethome
Summon players to teleport to you with /tpahere
Open a workbench anywhere with /workbench
-NEW- /spawner horse
*No Burning Damage*



Incl. VIP, Premium, Supporter & CEO Benefits

Wear a Diamond Hat with /hat
Turn into a Zombie or Creeper with /d zombie/creeper
/spanwer - Change a spawner to: cow, villager, skeleton, chicken, zombie, cavespider, spider, sheep, creeper, pig, wolf, squid
/kit wool (Receive 32 of each wool)
/kit torch (Receive 32 torches)
*No Lava Damage*



Incl. VIP, Premium, Supporter, CEO & Elite Benefits

Use any block as a /hat
Turn into a Skeleton, Spider, or Wolf with /d skeleton/spider/wolf
Reach high places with /jump
Repair your tools with /repair



Incl. VIP, Premium, Supporter, CEO, Elite & Elite Benefits

Turn into a Pig Zombie with /d pigman
/feed yourself
Set (10) multiple homes with /sethome



Incl. VIP, Premium, Supporter, CEO, Elite, Elite & Railbait Benefits

Change your name with /nick
Ability to /fly **
Turn into any mob with /d

**Abuse of the /fly command can result in access/rank being revoked.


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