Railbait.Net Donations

Railbait.Net Donations


Railbait relies on your generosity to keep its site and gameserver running. 
All donations go directly towards the cost and operation of Railbait.net and its game server with a rental charge of $150/month. 

By donating we will give you a few "perks" as our way of saying THANK YOU! 

All Server Benefits

  • End of round immunity (Means no one can kill you at end of round).
  • Donator icon above your head at end of round
  • Autobalance immunity (Never get team switched when teams are unbalanced by 1 player!)
  • Green coloured chat text.
  • Reserved Slots on ALL servers
  • !robot - Turn your player model into a MvM Robot

Idle and Trade Server Benefits

  • All Perks above plus..
  • !resizeme - Shrink yourself!
  • !birds - Turn your sticky bombs and rockets into Birds!
  • !uberlights - Uber Lights
  • Perks may not always work, especially due to updates released to valve.
    That being said we've never had any downtime issues.
  • Perks are subject to change anytime (We've only added perks, never removed).

    Donate Now!

    Donate now and get these perks instantly after a server map change.

    Enter your name, steamid and donation amount, then click the "Donate" button to proceed.

  • Your name as it appears ingame.

    Steam ID Format must be: STEAM_0:#:########

    Get 30 days of donator status for every $5 USD donated.

    Possible name/steamid matches below...